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The Beauty of the Universe Suite for lever or pedal harp

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A new harp suite is now released and can be listened to in full on YouTube.

“The Beauty of the Universe” suite for lever or pedal harp contains 5 pieces with cinematic and meditative mood. This little collection features harp techniques such as glissandi, rolled chords, harmonics, lever changes, grace notes. Lever changes are marked in the score. 

All pieces can be performed both individually or together as a suite by late beginner harpists, intermediate harpists or advanced harpists.

Total duration of “The Beauty of the Universe” suite: 20 minutes

1. Dreaming of the Moon

Duration: 03:13
E flat maj
No lever changes

Watch Dreaming of the Moon on Youtube

2. Distant Galaxies

Duration: 04:53
E flat maj/C min
4 lever changes notated in the score

Watch Distant Galaxies on Youtube

3. Via Lactea 

Duration: 03:37
Do maj
6  lever changes notated in the score

Watch Via Lactea on Youtube

4. Passengers on Mother Earth

Duration: 03:57
Do maj
No lever changes

Watch Passengers on Mother Earth on Youtube

5. When the Stars Shine

Duration: 04:01
Do maj
No lever changes

Watch When the Stars Shine on Youtube

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