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Beauty and the beast - PEDAL HARP SOLO - Roxama Moisanu - Magic Harp

Beauty and the Beast Harp Cover – 2 versions for Pedal and Lever

New Sheet Music available! Harp cover of “Beauty and the Beast”, one of the most requested song of all time!

Healing harp by the water - magicharp.com

10 minutes healing harp by the water

10 minutes healing harp by the water | Harp Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds and Waterfalls Soft Harp relaxing music with nature sounds and the … Read more

5 types of lyre or small harps - magicharp.com

5 types of lyre or small harps for your children

Introduce your child to the world of music through harp or lyre.
With high-quality musical instruments, your kid may explore and discover the sounds of music.

Beauty and the Beast - harp sheet music arrangements - magicharp.com

Beauty and the Beast – various harp sheet music arrangements

Have you ever wanted to play “Beauty and the Beast” on the harp? Read below to find resources for the score arrangements available on the internet.

Velvet Rose Orchestrated – Cinematic Music with Harp

Enjoy my new orchestrated version of “Velvet Rose”!
Check the video inside the article 🎥

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