The revival of nature


“The revival of nature” for lever/pedal harp by Roxana Moișanu


Date of first publication online: January 23rd, 2021

✨ „In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.“ (Aristotle) ✨

This piece is a very nice, meditative, and relaxing addition to a poetry reading evening, peaceful gatherings, harp meetings, yoga sessions, gallery show openings, art exhibitions, theatrical shows, or just to keep your mind relaxed and healthy.

There is no lever change in this piece.

“The revival of nature” (lever/pedal harp) is a very nice addition to a recital program for any: environmental event, music concert, guided meditation, peaceful gatherings, harp meetings, church services, yoga or spa sessions, poetry reading, at a hospital or nursing homes, harp workshop for kids, weddings, gallery show openings, memory care centres, art exhibitions, theatrical shows, any special event, in a therapy setting or just to keep your mind relaxed and healthy.

Harp recording was made on Salvi Egan Electroacoustic.

Additional information

Playable on:

Lever harp, Pedal harp, Electric harp, Electroacoustic harp


Harp Solo

Level of difficulty:

Beginner, Intermediate

Duration of music:



Mixolydian mode


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The revival of nature by Roxana Moișanu - cover
The revival of nature