The Quicksilver Mirror


“The Quicksilver Mirror” from “Modern Vibes Suite” for lever/pedal harp by Roxana Moișanu


Date of first publication online: April 7, 2021

The Quicksilver Mirror” stands as the third gem within Roxana Moișanu’s “Modern Vibes” Harp Suite.

“This piece embodies the essence of modern classical music, characterized by repetitive and rhythmic motifs, harmonious consonance, and a thematic structure with variations. Its simplicity of melody aligns it with the minimalist music genre, offering a refreshing departure from more complex compositions.”  (Roxana Moișanu)

Roxana Moișanu’s artistic vision extends beyond the auditory realm, as she has crafted a visually captivating video to complement the music. Through the interplay of color, paint, textures, and abstract imagery, the video provides a sensory experience that harmonizes seamlessly with the piece. This thoughtful pairing enhances the overall artistic expression and invites viewers to immerse themselves in a multi-dimensional journey of the senses.

As part of “The Modern Vibes” Suite, “The Quicksilver Mirror” finds its place in a larger collection of compositions curated to resonate with contemporary sensibilities. For those intrigued by this piece, the opportunity to explore the full suite at a discounted rate is extended, allowing enthusiasts to delve deeper into this harmonious world.

The philosophical wisdom of Neville Goddard, encapsulated in the quote, reminds us that the external world serves as a mirror, reflecting our inner thoughts and actions. This insight adds an extra layer of depth and contemplation to the experience of “The Quicksilver Mirror,” encouraging listeners to explore the interplay between self and surroundings.

“The world is a mirror, forever reflecting what you are doing, within yourself.” (Neville Goddard)

Remarkably, this composition maintains a consistent tonal palette, eliminating the need for lever changes on the harp. This choice ensures a smooth and uninterrupted performance, highlighting the accessibility of the piece for harpists of varying skill levels.

The recording of this enchanting harp composition was captured using the Salvi Egan Electroacoustic, a testament to the quality of instrumentation involved in bringing this piece to life. This specific harp selection imparts a distinct timbre and resonance to the composition, further enriching the auditory experience for listeners.


Additional information

Playable on:

Lever harp, Pedal harp, Electric harp, Electroacoustic harp


Harp Solo

Level of difficulty:

Advanced Beginner, Intermediate

Duration of music:



A minor


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Modern Vibes Suite - The quicksilver mirror by Roxana Moișanu - cover
The Quicksilver Mirror