“Evocare” for lever/pedal harp by Roxana Moișanu


“Evocare” by Roxana Moișanu for lever harp or pedal harp

Date of first publication online: January 28, 2024

No lever changes

“I composed the piece ‘Evocare’ in memory of the composer Marțian Negrea. It is specifically written for the Celtic harp, in the E-flat major Mixolydian mode. Several levers are set at the beginning of the piece, and no further lever changes are required later. I incorporated elements from Romanian folklore and included a small section resembling a lively dance.

In the piece ‘Evocare’ I’ve incorporated a brief musical quote from Marțian Negrea’s composition, ‘Theme with Variations.’ My intention is that this musical quote will bring a smile to the faces of all harpists who have had the pleasure of performing ‘Theme with Variations’, a musical jewel that deserves a place in the repertoire of every harpist. (Roxana Moișanu)

For me, facing the large audience means confronting my ideas, my inspiration – it means my joy. I come before this audience with an open heart, with a fervent desire for my music to be understood. (Marțian Negrea)

Marțian Negrea (born January 29, 1893, in Vorumloc, now Valea Viilor, Sibiu County, Austro-Hungary – died July 13, 1973, Bucharest, Romania) was a Romanian composer, teacher, and conductor. He began his musical studies in Sibiu (1910-1914), continuing them in Vienna (1918-1921) with the Romanian musician Eusebie Mandicevschi and Franz Schmidt.

In Vienna, he came into contact with the great German musical tradition, as well as the post-romantic tendencies of the time, which greatly influenced his harmonic language. Upon returning to Romania, Marțian Negrea held various teaching positions at the Cluj Conservatory, where he taught musical form theory, instruments, counterpoint, chamber music (1921-1941), and later at the Bucharest Conservatory (1941-1963).

One of his notable contributions was the first publication of ten pieces with Romanian character extracted from the Codex Caioni in one of his studies. From the perspective of compositional activity, Marțian Negrea has established himself in the history of music as an important representative of the Romanian musical school.

He succeeded in combining in his works elements specific to French impressionist thinking and German neoromanticism with those that characterize the melody of Romanian folk music. Marțian Negrea’s oeuvre encompasses all musical genres, from chamber music to film scores, from symphonic compositions to opera.

Evocare” (Evocation) is a very nice addition to a musical program for any:

  • therapy setting
  • cinematic project/visuals
  • Romanian composers projects
  • theatrical shows
  • in memoriam projects
  • music and visuals projects
  • movie soundtrack
  • gallery show openings
  • peaceful gatherings
  • poetry reading show
  • art exhibitions
  • church services
  • memory care centres
  • harp workshop
  • music concert
  • nursing homes
  • hospital
  • harp meetings
  • harp recital
  • harp concert
  • special event
  • music concert for kids
  • nature themed event
  • global environmental events
  • awareness events

Music performed and recorded on a Salvi Egan Electroacoustic Lever harp.


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Additional information

Playable on:

Lever harp, Pedal harp, Electric pedal harp, Electroacoustic pedal harp, Electroacoustic lever harp


Harp solo

Level of difficulty:

advanced beginner, intermediate

Duration of music:



E flat major Mixolydian mode


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Evocare for harp by Roxana Moișanu (In memoriam Marțian Negrea)