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The Magic Harp Music Collections offers a wide range of original compositions and arrangements for solo harp, harp duets, and mixed ensembles, suitable for beginner to advanced harp players. These works are composed and arranged by harpist Roxana Moișanu and cellist Mladen Spasinovici, with plans to feature more artists in the future.

The collection includes both original compositions and arrangements or transcriptions of works in the public domain, with scores available for lever and pedal harp, cello, and flute. The works are arranged for various instrumental combinations, including harp solo, cello and harp, harp and flute, and even piano.

Whether you’re a harpist looking for new repertoire or a musician searching for unique and inspiring works, the Magic Harp Music Collections has something for you. Stay tuned for even more exciting additions to our collection in the future!

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