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Harp Music with Skylar Reverb Pedal Effects

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Experience the beautiful sounds of the harp music with Skylar Reverb Pedal effects.

The combination of the beautiful, natural sounds of the harp with the added depth and complexity of the Skylar pedal effects creates a truly mesmerising listening experience. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed by the incredible sounds of the harp with Skylar pedal effects.

More videos testing Spatium, Shimmer, Plate, and Tremble from Skylar Effects Pedal from GFI System and longer versions soon on my YouTube channel!

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The video “Harp Music with Skylar Reverb Pedal effects” was recorded with Egan Salvi electroacoustic Harp and edited in Logic Pro X + my new GFI System Skylar Reverb Pedal

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Harp Relaxing Music ; Harp Improvisations; Music about Nature, The Environment, Earth, Universe, Space, Stars, Moon, Ocean, Flowers; The Beauty of the Universe Suite for Harp

I am excited to offer two lovely harp pieces for you to enjoy. Click the links below to download the sheet music and start playing today, or browse the entire harp sheet music collections!

I hope these relaxing harp pieces bring beauty and joy to your life through the timeless sound of the harp. Thank you for choosing to download my music.

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