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Dear harpists, 

At (almost) the end of this year, I want to thank you all for your support in 2021.

I am publishing today a lovely little waltz, Waltz no. 2 by Joseph Gelinek which you can download for free for a limited time. 

This arrangement is made especially for 4 lever or pedal harps, however 8 different combinations of harps can be made, depending on the number of harpists available.

The difficulty is also graded, with harp 3 and harp 4 being easier than harp 1 and harp 2.

For example, in a harp duo, harp 1 can be played by the harp tutor and harp 3 or harp 4, being easier, by the student harpist.

No lever or pedal changes. Level: beginner, intermediate. You can listen to all the versions available for Waltz no. 2 by Joseph Gelinek on my playlist on YouTube channel ➡︎ Waltz no. 2 by Joseph Gelinek for HARP

This arrangement can be played in the following chamber music or solo harp formulas:

Solo Harp: 

  1. Harp 1

Harp Duos:

  1. Version 1: Harp 1 + Harp 2
  2. Version 2: Harp 1 + Harp 3
  3. Version 3: Harp 1 + Harp 4

Harp Trios:

  1. Version 1: Harp 1 + Harp 2 + Harp 3
  2. Version 2: Harp 1 + Harp 2 + Harp 4
  3. Version 3: Harp 1 + Harp 3 + Harp 4

Harp Quartet

  1. Harp 1 + Harp 2 + Harp 3 + Harp 4

All the 4 harp parts can be found in the harp quartet folder. 


For ease of reading all the available variations of this arrangement, I have included separate general scores for each chamber music formula, which you can find in separate folders. This will help a lot if you have a conductor for your harp ensemble.  

The Gelinek’s Waltz no. 2 is a suitable piece for school recitals, school celebrations, Christmas parties and other similar events.

Download now your free copy to play it solo, with your harp ensemble or just to give it as a gift to a harpist you know 🙂

Wishing you peace, love, joy and wonderful music this holiday season and throughout 2022

P.S. Kindly request: if you like my arrangements/compositions please give them a rating after downloading them to help other harpists see the pieces. Thank you!

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