Frequently Asked Questions about viewing, printing, and buying digital products

On Magic Harp Music Collections you can find sheet music for:

  • harp solo
  • harp and cello
  • harp ensemble (soon)
  • harp and other instruments: flute, violin (soon)
  • piano

Yes. Actually, you can listen to all the music by Roxana Moișanu & Mladen Spasinovici published on Magic Harp Music Collections, on the Youtube channel.

Yes, you can download the scores regardless of the operating system you use, as long as you have a pdf reader installed on your computer.

Yes, after downloading the pdf you can see it on any device that has a pdf reader installed.

Please, respect the copyrights of the artists, composers, arrangers: 

  • You are only licensed to print as many copies as you have purchased, for your personal use only.
  • You may not distribute the Digital Download to others or print more copies than purchased for use (i.e., you may not print individual copies for friends, students, relatives).
  • Your respect for the copyright laws will help support and encourage the artists who created the music, to make more in the future.
  • If you are performing this music in public please mention the name of the arrangers/composers.

You can help the creators by encouraging your friends, students, relatives to purchase their own copies. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the music! 

All the sheet music (original compositions or arrangements) by Roxana Moișanu & Mladen Spasinovici are sold via Payhip website.

When you click “BUY ON PAYHIP” it will take you to PAYHIP website. On most products the price is fixed; however, on some products you will see “0+” or a number followed by a ”+” sign, this means you are free to pay what you want, but at least the price suggested. 

If you want to buy more than one score at a time, you can buy directly from here.


  • Please read more about ”Buying from Payhip” of this page: https://help.payhip.com/article/158-buying-from-payhip

If you want to pay via PayPal, you will need to create an account if you haven’t done so already and log in using your details. You’ll then have the option to either use your saved card or to Add a debit or credit card.

Please read the entire tutorial on Payhip’s website here.

If you have any other questions about Payhip, you can read their guide to buying on Payhip here.

More info about options for buyers on Payhip website here.

When you buy a product on Payhip, the creator of products can see: 

  • Your email address that you use on the purchase
  • The name that you enter into the field

The creator/s do not see your credit card information.

You will be asked after your purchase whether or not you want to receive updates from the creator/s. You can unsubscribe anytime from any updates.

Please read more about the privacy and cookies policy here.

I recommend Payhip! The platform is very user-friendly that anyone can use to sell digital or physical products, courses and subscriptions. The interface is very simple and easy to learn. Why not give them a try?


Payhip links and banner above contains my affiliate link. If you click on them, make a new account and decide to sell your products on Payhip, I may earn some commissions at no cost to you.

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