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10 minutes healing harp by the water

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10 minutes healing harp by the water | Harp Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds and Waterfalls

Soft Harp relaxing music with nature sounds and the waterfalls for relaxation, sleeping, calming, soothing, meditation music, and yoga. Relaxing harp music with water sound, nature images, beautiful waterfalls in a peaceful and zen atmosphere.

Harp improvisation by Roxana Moișanu (performed on Salvi Egan electroacoustic harp)

People in ancient times were well aware of the benefits of meditation. Nowadays, individuals like to use meditation as an essential component of their lives in order to make a significant difference in their lifestyle and attitude.

Numerous health experts have stated that people suffering from stress and anxiety do not require medication to be cured. They can simply overcome such issues by employing any of the most appropriate meditation techniques. Meditation has been proved to be a beneficial treatment for depression and anxiety for many years. It is also the most effective way to avoid panic attacks.

Healing harp by the water - meditation -

Close your eyes, listen to the music, forget your worries, and try to escape from the normal world. Take a deep breath and imagine a beautiful world inside your head, and feel the peace and tranquility that music and waterfalls can bring in us.

Enjoy the beautiful sound of guzheng at the beginning and the end of the video, as well as 90 seconds of calming waterfall sounds at the end of this “10 minutes healing harp by the water” video.

If you like relaxation and calming music, please check “Clear your mind” and download a free copy of the sheet music. There are available versions in C major and D major of the same piece. Visit my shop for other sheet music like this.

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