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My name is Roxana Moișanu and I am the founder of Magic Harp Music Collections. I’ve been playing the harp for over 30 years.
Starting 2020, I am developing an older project, dedicating my time to compositions and arrangements for solo lever harp and pedal harp, harp ensemble, harp with other instruments such as cello or the flute, piano.
Currently, I am principal harp of the National Opera Orchestra of Bucharest, where I have been working for over 23 years.
On the shop page you will find music books and harp sheet music by various harpists and composers.

Magic Harp Music Collections - Harpist and Composer Roxana Moișanu

Hope for 2020 - Magic Harp Music Collections

Hope for 2020

I composed “Hope for 2020” on the 25th of April, 2020 influenced by our difficult times. My strong desire is to bring you joy, peace, and hope to your hearts. People’s connections are too deep to be broken. Stay safe!

When I composed “Hope for 2020”, it was like a reopening to the creative side that each of us has. I believe and hope to be able to enrich the harp literature, both the Celtic and the pedal harp.


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